Charles Desjardins, President & CEO of Pistol Bay Mining, with the plans for the future of this historical deposit.

I’ve actually controlled Pistol Bay since about 2006, it used to be called Solitare Minerals. I’ve been in the resource industry or venture capital for 30 years. Pistol Bay is a resource explorer that’s focused on zinc and copper in the Confederation Lake belt. This belt has had major exploration, there is some 850 drill holes in the belt but it’s never been consolidated under one owner and that’s what we’ve done.

Confederation Lake has four historic resources that we now control. As well as one two million tonne, 43-101 resource that has an excellent grade. So this is volcanic mass of sulfide belt that hasn’t really been explored beyond 200 meters for 95% of it. What we are planning to do is do deep penetrating V-Tim Max surveys that can seek a big anomaly down to 500 or 700 meters.

What I like about this project is it has — the blue sky as in we are going to look for the big deposit’s but it also has a grassroots program that we can methodically build the resource with this historical deposit as well as our 43-101 resource at Arrow.

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Name: Charles Desjardins
Position: President & CEO
Company: Pistol Bay
Sector: Mining, Resources, Exploration
Stock: PST.V

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