Brien Lundin, in the April, 2017, edition of the Gold Newsletter, says buy Aurvista Gold Corp., recently 31 cents. This is the first time he has recommended the stock. Aurvista´s core asset is its multimillion-ounce Douay gold project in Quebec. The project was previously owned by Aurizon, which built the infrastructure for an underground mine in the 1990s, but then had to walk away because of low gold prices. Aurvista took ownership in 2011. Rather than an underground mine, Aurvista is planning a lower-grade, open-pit operation. It released a resource report earlier this year, pegging Douay´s inferred resources at 4.4 million ounces, including 2.8 million pit-constrained ounces. The mineralization at Douay is open in all directions and there are several prospective targets, some of which Aurvista will test this year through a 30,000-metre drill program. The company will use the drilling data for an updated resource estimate later this year and then an economic study next year. Mr. Lundin is eager to see the results. He notes that the stock has come under pressure lately because a major shareholder got rid of a big chunk of its shares. Investors should treat the weakness from this event as a buying opportunity. 


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Name: Aurvista Gold Corp.
Canada Symbol: AVA
Germany Symbol / WKN: AV2 / A1JL1Z
Shares Issued & Outstanding: 138,545,780
Phone: +1 416 682 2674

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