Lithium is one of the central elements of the massive transition to electric cars that is just beginning. Lithium-ion batteries, after all, are basically what enabled this 21st century resurrection of the electric car.

There’s no shortage of articles and opinions out there about lithium supply and production around the world, but the short story seems pretty clear: There’s an abundance of lithium in the world, but mining or production capacity is quite limited at this point. Furthermore, if electric car production is going to scale up as quickly as many of us think consumers will want it to — and the climate needs it to — then lithium production is going to need to not only scale up, but diversify by geography and company so that there is decent security of supply.

Interestingly, an industry that electrification of transport is threatening is also an industry that could help to quickly ramp up lithium production — the oil industry. Check out the infographic below for more details. This is something I didn’t know at all before getting this pitch, but I find the whole thing fascinating and I’m curious to read responses to this idea from the thoughtful readers who chime in.

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Feature image from University of Nebraska


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