As announced in a press-release today, True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. (CSE: MJ; Frankfurt: TLA) hired one of the pet industry’s foremost sales people, John McCallion, as Vice President of Sales. This is a key piece to the True Leaf puzzle in order to realize strong sales as the company prepares to launch its new Trueleafpet™ Hemp Chew product line this fall. John McCallion is a well-known name in the pet foods industry as he has been outstandingly successful during his +30 years career in this booming sector. 

- With 11 years at the well-known pet foods manufacturer The IAMS Company, John led a team achieving double digit growth rates year-over-year. The IAMS brand belongs to Mars Inc. and Procter & Gamble. 

- As VP of Sales for Midwest Home for Pets, John led a professional sales team for another 10 years, resulting in a dominant market share for the company in the pet crate business. 

- Thereafter , John was instrumental in launching a new line of super-premium pet foods as VP of Sales for Darford International, a successful pet foods company founded by Darcy Bomford, who is True Leaf’s CEO today. At Darford, John implemented and managed a team of regional sales managers as the company rebranded, expanded its product line and entered the pet food business. Under John´s tenure, the company launched and secured nationwide distribution for its ZERO-G product line in the natural pet food category. John developed long-term sales strategies, implemented promotional programs and strengthened relationships across the pet specialty, food, mass and drug categories. 

True Leaf’s CEO, Darcy Bomford, commented as follows today: 

"As a former executive with three major companies in the highly competitive pet category, John has specialized in catapulting companies toward their goals. John brings extensive experience in entering and developing new markets, setting long term corporate strategy along with brand building in the consumer products category. John understands the customer. His critical thought and drive for action are assets to any company. And with a lifetime of experience, he really knows the industry and how to take a product to market. I look forward to working with John again as we take the next steps with our US launch and develop our international distribution early next year." 

John’s customer understanding, critical thought and drive for action are assets to any company or category in the industry. His strengths are people, relationships, distribution, and product and program placements, all ending with superior and timely results. John understands international as well as domestic channels. He has been known to catapult companies toward their goals. He has extensive experience selling consumer packaged goods in the ever-changing pet specialty market and has an in-depth understanding of how to successfully grow independent dealer and distributor networks. 

In consideration of the planned hemp-based products launch this fall, winning renowned John McCallion as VP of Sales appears as a key piece to completing the True Leaf puzzle in order to successfully penetrate this booming sector right from the start. Thanks to his decade-long professional experience in the pet foods sector, Darcy Bomford has decisive market knowledge and industry contacts paving the way for another successful pet foods company. In the last 2 months, True Leaf engaged 3 distribution and logistics companies for the Canadian and US markets. Thus, True Leaf appears well positioned and prepared to succesfully enter the pet foods market this fall with an own product line based on hemp.

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Please read the full disclaimer here or within the above mentioned articles as conflicts of interest exist with Zimtu Capital Corp., whereas the author, Stephan Bogner, as well as Zimtu Capital Corp., own shares of True Leaf Medicine International Ltd.


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